Professional solutions are provided.
  • Traffic Guidance Solution

    Traffic Guidance Solution

    NovaStar's traffic guidance solution is dedicated to stable display and status monitoring of traffic displays, and widely used for expressway message displays, city guidance displays and parking guidance displays to easily meet the demanding requirements of traffic displays. Being secure, reliable and advanced, this solution can satisfy the needs of intelligent traffic informatization construction of the traffic management departments.

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  • Outdoor Display Solution

    Outdoor Display Solution

    NovaStar's outdoor display solution specializes in providing an integrated cloud solution for LED advertising media business from planning, construction, playback to maintenance. This solution allows for remote cluster management, device monitoring and smart maintenance of LED displays. This solution offers complete solution creating, editing, scheduling, approval, publishing and playback procedure as well as data statistic and brand customization.

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  • Advertising Display Solution

    Advertising Display Solution

    VNNOX allows for one-step publishing of information closely linked to the daily life, like community notifications, spiritual civilization publicity, living knowledge, news, weather and disease prevention.

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  • Intelligent Community Solution

    Intelligent Community Solution

    Community display solution brings a new vision for intelligent community, allowing for remote control and management of the content publishing of each screen in a community and real-time content update. The operating procedure is simple and easy and playback content is secure and controllable, ensuring the building of a harmonious and safe intelligent community.

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Secure, efficient, and improving value of screens
Allows any Internet-enabled devices to manage and monitor screens.
All-round security protection measures from media uploading to solution playback, complete permission authentication, channel encryption and data fingerprint are used to ensure secure screen playback.
Flexible permission control allows different operation permissions to be assigned to different users to make sure the security of the playback content.
Allows users to remotely monitor and operate screens, publish content, etc.
Detailed playback records allow for play count and duration statistics and generation of playback reports.
Simple and visual editing interface and support for multi-user collaborative solution editing which is quick and efficient